Glaucoma Repeat Measures

Glaucoma Repeat Measures

A number of areas in Greater Manchester have a service which enables the optometrist to repeat suspect results for intraocular pressure and or visual fields.

Repeat Measure Service

Glaucoma Repeat Measures Service

In some cases the pressure in one or both of your eyes may be higher than normal when it was measured for the first time or you may be found to have a suspect visual field.

This may just have been one abnormal reading. So you may simply need to be measured again, perhaps twice, to see if the pressure is high each time or your visual field defect is consistent. Often a different instrument is used for this

When your eye pressure is measured again, the optometrist will put drops in your eye to numb the surface. Then he or she will use a small instrument to gently touch the front of your eye.

Your optometrist will check for other signs of glaucoma. If the only sign of glaucoma is that your eye pressure is slightly higher than normal or you have a suspicious visual field defect, then taking the measurement again will show whether your eye readings continue to be abnormal.

If it is, then your optometrist will arrange for you to visit an eye clinic. However, if the repeat tests shows your readings are within the normal range, then you simply need to have further regular eye examinations with your optometrist.

It must be noted this service is not available in all parts of Greater Manchester and your optometrist will inform you should you be eligible for this service.

If you have been directed by your GP or optometrist please follow the link below to find your local optician.

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